Northern Nevada Black Cultural Awareness Society



The Northern Nevada Black Cultural Awareness Society (NNBCAS) was organized in Reno , Nevada in July, 1988. NNBCAS approaches ethnic cultural awareness globally, attempting to educate the whole community. Our programs and activities celebrate cultural holidays, educational opportunities for youth, and expose the community to quality arts: music, literature, theater, history, and technology.

Over the years, the cultural events and ethnic festivals sponsored by NNBCAS have gained community wide support. Community support is not limited to Reno ’s African-American population. We are proud to say its sphere of influence has expanded to include other community organizations, public agencies, and local corporations.

Our mission is to develop and promote Black cultural awareness throughout the Truckee Meadows. Our programs and events are for the benefit of the community at large, regardless of religion, race, national origin, or economic state, and to promote equality and harmony among all individuals. NNBCAS accomplishes these goals through educational programs and cultural events.

As of May 12, 1989 the original article of NNBCAS was filed with the Secretary of the State of Nevada . “This organization is organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes within the meaning of section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The names of the persons who were appointed to act as the Incorporating Directors of this corporation were:

Patricia Esters

Coni Anthony

Ondra Berry

Angela D. Taylor

Alberta Redeford

Ethel Smith

George Hardaway

Benjamin Newsome

Yolanda Webb

Past Presidents were:

Coni Taylor

Ondra Berry

Attorney Thomas Vilora

Verita Black Prothro

Dr.Angie Taylor

David Gamble

Attorney Gemma Green-Walden

Toni Harris

Jacquelyn Brown

Currently NNBCAS has two (2) major fundraisers, the Martin Luther King Jr., Birthday Celebration Dinner and the Juneteenth Celebration. There are plans for future endeavors for fundraisers and community commitments

NNBCAS current board members:

· Deborah Gamble, President

· Marsha Dupree, Secretary

· Jody Lykes, Treasurer

· George Hardaway, Historian

· Jacquelyn Brown

· Toni Harris

· David Gamble

· Lucille Adin

· Deloris Feemster

· Alberta Redeford

· Darryl Feemster

· Madeline Stewart

· Dr. Angie Taylor

· Erroll Carter

· Joyce Carter

· Rita Middelton

· Michael Smith

· Robbyn Allen

· Gwen Richie

· Sherita Diaz