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Welcome to Our Story, Inc.  We share, seek out, collect, preserve and exhibit the contributions, heritage and culture of people who have not been well represented in Northern Nevada’s public image.

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Our Story, Inc. is happy to announce that we are celebrating 20 years of sharing the stories of the unsung in Northern Nevada.

Our Story, Inc. was founded in 1996 by history seeker Kenneth B. Dalton, and OSI continues to seek out, preserve and exhibit the heritage, culture, contributions and accomplishments of people whose history is not well represented in schools, museums, online and in documentaries.

“Our Story, Inc.” is not a public library or an operating archive. However, we delight in pursuing and sharing the untold and/or seldom taught contributions of people we like to call unsung heroes.

We are proud to be a part of teaching the positive contribution of people who have made this Northern Nevada community the great place that it is today.

We encourage all to continue to learn and share more about the rich history of Northern Nevada and we urge the citizens of the Silver State to research and share the trials, tribulations, accomplishments and joys of their Nevadan ancestors’ achievements with “Our Story, Inc.” so that we in turn can share with others.

Lets keep it going for another 20 years!!!

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Sharing the Stories of the Unsung in Northern Nevada Since 1996