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Men Of Second Baptist Church, Reno Nv., 1980s

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  1. you know I am a history person and love this idea.
    thanks for doing this.
    we have to capture this information before it is gone

  2. Hello Black Springs, I was not able to find your township last time I was in Reno, I lived in BS for a few years and I wanted to share it with my wife as it was a very special place to my life and my heart. I thought it was gone I could not understand where it went. We lived in 3 differant places the last was next door to a great family named Holmes 3 kids (mixed) our home burnt down, and we lived next to a old (German) crazy guy that had a huge white house and had 2 kids. Their was a small store and I think sold gas a white man and his wife ran it. This was 1961-1963 then lived it Lemmon Valley for a while. I would love to visit BS if I could find it, seemed the road that it was on just went to Stead . I Think that crazy Germans house is on the main road now and it seems as the roads are all changed up.Anyways could somone let me know where it is. And thankyou for helping. Jack S

  3. My name is sharon and was reading the story of Carmen-Head and Babbitt,and Hawthorne Nevada,I moved to Babbitt in 1964-1973 and I lived on 22nd st. and my brothers and I had to move as my mother passed away in Mt.Grant hospital on Feb.17,1973 Her name was darlene Taylor and my father was leslie taylor who work as a carpenter fixing up houses.I so would like to find people who are still around in hawthorne since babbitt is no longer there.I am trying to find old friends who we grew up with you can e-mail me at this e-mail address .Thank you,sharon youngton

  4. I would like to express my appreciation and thank the board of Our Story Inc. for all of the work and research they have done in order to educate our community. I grew up in Sparks and Reno from 1952 – 1972. I did not know that our history as African Americans in Northern Nevada was so rich and extensive. I was never exposed to the idea that there was a history of Black people living in Elko and having a social club. This is so amazing! Thank you so much. John T.

  5. So sad to hear about the tragedy in Hawthorne! I used to visit my relatives there in the late 60’s and early 70’s. They lived in Babbitt, Went to the El Cap and had a good time!

  6. My parents had a small cafe in Hawthorne in 1946-7, called “the Sugar Bowl”, which also had their names, Bob and Marge on the sign. I was wondering if you might know how to research what the address is, or any other info about their cafe. I would like to learn anything I can about it. I have at least one picture of the front of the place. Anything you could tell me would be appreciated. Thanks Robert.

  7. Greetings,

    My name is Carla Keaton and I’m an African American Artist living in Phoenix Arizona. I just recently finished a commissioned piece of artwork for a client and as a gift, he gave me a small quilt or either baby blanket that he had come across at a second hand store in Hawthorn. As an artist, my curiosity got the best of me. The quilt is very old and has scenes of a little girl with a dog in several activities. Her dress activities and surroundings all suggest a setting of possibly the early 1920’s to 40’s. I researched the town and found that the main African American population was on a military base in the small town of Hawthorn. I’m sure this is like searching for a needle in a haystack, but I would like to know if you have any suggestions on how to go about locating information and history on the person who made it or owned it. You can reach me on my personal email address at, or send me a message on my website at I can also send images of the quilt. Thank you for your assistance!!


    Carla keaton

  8. Am interested in becoming a member and becoming involved in the community.

    Thank you
    Brenda Taylor

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