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Our Story, Inc. Quiz

1. What is the first year of documented African-American presence in Nevada?

2. What was the name of the African-American in the Donner party?

3.  Who was the African-American representative of Nevada to the World’s Industrial and Cotton Centennial of 1884?

4. Where was the Dumas Social and Literacy Club

5. Who discovered the rock mining ledge in White Pine County?

6. Who was the first US Weather Bureau station master?

7. When did the KKK burn four crosses in Northern Nevada.

8. The Nevada Wolf Pack did what in 1948?

9. Name the two federal acts that were a result of the Jack Johnson/Jim Jeffries fight??

10.  Name three public facilities named for NN African-American community leaders.

11.  When was slavery legal in Nevada?

12.  What was the action of Storey County Senator Charles Sumner on February 28, 1865?

13. For what was the Nevada Executive Committe formed?

14. “Separate but equal” was Nevada Legislative school language for how long?

15. When were miscegenation statutes repealed?

16. What is NrS Ch352@689?

17. When was housing discrimination outlawed by the Nevada Legislature?

18.   What did Speaker Joe Dini call an anti-busing resolution introduced by Nick Horn

19. Where do these words appear?
“That there shall be in this state neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, otherwise that in the punishment for crimes, wereof the party shall have been duly convicted.”

20.  In 1939 the Nevada Assembly rejected AB 88 which would have done what?

21. How was the poll tax repealed?

Authored By Shayne Del Cohen