One Way Up Productions

One Way Up Productions, Tammie Cheathon Photographer

Clifford Cheathon II (front), founder and owner of One Way Up Productions, has had over 15 years of experience in the music field. Beginning with his early experience in the music ministry at church to the creative acceleration of One Way Productions.   From Gospel Choirs to rhythmic urban lyrics and music compositions. From directing gospel choirs to producing, promoting, writing for various vocal artist and rappers.  His creative musical journey has been a progressive process of gifted proportions.

In July of 2002 James Bryant and Clifford Cheathon II co-produced a Rap and R&B CD called Out Da Trunk. The CD was produced in Sacramento, Ca. in James’s home studio. The Album featured young artists from the Sacramento and Reno areas. Over 200 copies of the CD were made and sold in Reno, Nv. To help promote the CD, Clifford arranged for these artist to perform their songs during a downtown event in Reno.

Later that same year, Cliff began to focus his attention on building a recording studio and establishing the production company, Mean Mugg Production, in Reno Nv. In February 2003, Mean Mugg produced over 300 copies of its first album called “Roll Call” featuring a new rap group Split Personality (Papoose and C Note) was the first CD produced from the new studio.   To promote this CD Slit Personality performed the songs from the CD at Club Haywire in Reno. In December 2003 Mean Mugg produced a Christmas CD featuring Papoose, C Note, Lady D, and Pearce. Only 50 copies of the Christmas CD was made yet most were sold.

In 2004 Mean Mugg produced Split Personality’s Kickback Demo. The CD featured Papoose, C Note, Lady D, V Storm, and Stevy T. Over 300 copies of the CD were printed in Cliff’s studio. Shows to promote the demo were set up all over Reno. June 2004 at the Lear Theater, June 2004 at the river walk (downtown Reno) November and December 2004 at Club Underground. In November 2004 Cliff produced his second Christmas CDfeaturing Split Personality, Lady D, and disciple.  Over 200 copies were printed.

In 2005 more songs for Split Personality were produced, and more shows for promotion were set up. Artist that worked
with the studio included Papoose, C Note, Lady D, V Storm, Packtell, infamus, Diciple, Drake, Spawn, Carmen, Shavon, Sharlet, J Rumble, and many others. Shows were done at Club underground, Club Neros in Lake Tahoe, the Drum Festival in Downtown Reno, and
the art festival in downtown Reno.  In October of 2005 Cliff produced his third Christmas album and in the fall of 2006 Cliff produced his fourth Christmas album, both featuring Papoose, C Note, Lady D, V Storm, Desciple, and Infamous.

In 2006 Clifford decided the production Company needed a new name and direction. As a result One Way Up Productions, a name that better represented what his production is all about, was born.