Ondra L Berry, Brigadier General

BerryEvery human being is under construction and
has unlimited potential.”This principle has
inspired Ondra L Berry to commit his life to
inspire those within his sphere of influence to
realize and actualize their hidden potential.
Ondra has been a champion of leadership,
diversity, organizational change, and individual
personal growth for over 25 years.
He is committed to challenging the status quo
in human potential and utilized his two
decades of experience and studies in the topic of
personal leadership and greatness to ignite a
movement of unleashing the potential within,
one person at a time, worldwide.

His goal is to get each person to understand their “Ayoba” the awesomeness and potential
that we all have within. He is co-founder of Guardian Quest, a company committed to
unleashing the untapped potential of individuals and organizations through world-class
training solutions.
Known as a change agent in personal and organizational transformation,
Ondra’s vast leadership and training experience spans public and private sectors.
His skills were refined in a celebrated 25-year career in the Reno Police Department,
where he retired as the Assistant Chief of Police over-seeing the administrative division.
He continues his public service to his state and country as a Brigadier General in the
Nevada Air National Guard and is assigned as the Assistant Adjutant General for the
Nevada Air National Guard. In his role as consultant and facilitator, Ondra L. Berry has
worked all around the county over the past few years and was routinely sought after to
bring his expertise to an extensive client list including Fortune 500 companies, military
and federal agencies, non-profits, schools and universities. Ondra invests his life energies
and passions in the development and delivery of cutting edge training solutions on the
topics of diversity, leadership and organizational change.
He holds a master’s degree in public administration from the University of Nevada Reno
and is a member of numerous non-profit and service organizations. Through his
innovative training and keynote addresses, Ondra Berry has spoken in all fifty states,
territories, the District of Columbia, and several countries, and is on a quest to leave this
world better than he found it! Ondra currently serves as the Vice-President of Diversity
and Inclusion and Development for the MGM Resorts International. His responsibilities
include the development of the Employee Network Groups, Diversity and Community
Councils, the Inspiring Our World show and employee engagement initiatives.
Margo and Ondra have three children, Jarel, Dulcenea and Zivy, and are now proud
grandparents of Ondra Elijah Berry III and Kai Michael Berry.

Ondra L Berry – First Northern Nevada African American Brigadier General

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