Jaunita Westbrook


Juanita Westbrook

Juanita Westbrook has an extensive background working with youth and families.  She has over twenty years of experience and has a degree in Early Childhood Education. She loves children of all ages and in seeking innovative prevention strategies, she came across a workshop entitled “Storytelling, Using Culture As Prevention.”  She attended this workshop, and has been telling stories since 1995.  She has told her stories throughout the United States and internationally, traveling to South Africa.  In 1996, she attended a Nevada Humanities Committee Chautauqua Workshop at the University of Nevada, Reno and developed two character portrayals.  Juanita believes that prevention and education are an on-going process that must be proactive.  Through her stories and historic presentations, she has reached youth that otherwise might have been lost in our society.  She has presented to business people, youth advocates and youth; she has presented at summit meetings, schools, judicial seminars, churches and treatment centers.  Her message is clear:  Believe in yourself and you can accomplish anything.