Greater Harvest Church Greater Harvest ChurchThe Greater Harvest Church in Reno, Nevada was founded in 1966 by Bishop John Wynn’s father the Late Reverend Willie J. Wynn. The original name of the church was Faith Deliverance C.O.G.I.C. The Late Rev. W.J. Wynn was born in August 1937 and departed his life in July 1985. Rev. Wynn’s served as the first Black Cabinet Member in the State of Nevada—appointed by Governor Paul Laxalt; Consumers Advisory Panel; Community Service Board; Reno Housing Authority; Nevada Equal Rights Commissioner— appointed by Governor Richard Bryan; and numerous other advisory boards.

After Rev. Wynn past in July 1985; Bishop John Wynn’s brother-in-law, Rev. Live Tau was appointed to pastor the church.  Rev. Tau changed the name of the church to Jehovah Jireh.  He was the pastor for 15 years until he decided to go start a new church in downtown Reno in 2000.  In January 2001 Bishop Wynn was appointed as pastor of the church and he changed the name of the church once again to Greater Harvest Church. The church has remained in the same location for the past 48 years and has done some remarkable work in the community.

Greater Harvest Church is a nonprofit organization, our purpose is to recognize and promote scriptural methods and order for worship, unity, fellowship, and education. Our focus is Developing Lives, Empowering Communities and Expanding Ministries through providing tools for education; food for the hungry, clothing and personal items for those less fortunate who are in need.  Greater Harvest Church has been successful in aiding many families in the community; from assisting with shelter and utilities, to providing a hot meals, school supplies and Christmas gifts.


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