EnSoul Magazine Accepted Into The University Of Nevada Reno Special Collection

Jacque Sundstrand, Special Collections Department University Nevada Reno Library & Ceola Davis, EnSoul Magazine.

On April 23rd, 2010 EnSoul Magazine was accepted into the Special Collections of the University Nevada Reno Library.

EnSoul Magazine which started out as Cornucopia Magazine in October of 1993, was the vision of Ceola Davis and Barbara Cheathon.

In “The Editor’s Corner”, written by Barbara Cheathon, of the premier issue it reads; “Welcome!! You now hold in your hands the premier issue of Cornucopia Magazine. I can’t believe we did it! This first edition has been a labor of love and blind faith. We started out with a general idea of the kind of publication we wanted to create and then began the required work to turn that idea into the sort of news magazine that offers positive, enlightening articles and events that will inform our community.

Our dedication to community and family unity stems from our belief that the family is the strongest force, besides God, in the world and the foundation for positively and education, which can make this world and ultimately our community, a better place in which to live.

We would like to thank the advertisers who saw our zeal, took a chance on us and agreed to advertise in and be a part of this first edition. Without you this first magazine would not have been possible.

While Ceola and I know that we still have a lot to learn, we look forward to every lesson and ask for your prayers as we undertake this awesome journey.”

Although the name has been changed to EnSoul Magazine and Barbara Cheathon is no longer a part of this publication, EnSoul Magazine’s goals and aspirations are the same.

During the early days of Cornucopia Magazine it was helped by Nevada Bell Telephone Company, which would print the magazine every month. The Community Service Agency under the guidance of Mr. Cloyd Phillips also assisted with the mailing expenses. Second Baptist Church, under the leadership of Rev. William C. Webb, was instrumental in the survival of EnSoul Magazine as well.

EnSoul Magazine

As the years went by Ceola Davis was vigilant in making sure EnSoul Magazine continued to be a positive informative force for the African American community in Northern Nevada, often braving the challenges of keeping this publication afloat with little or no help financially yet still addressing social, political, spiritual, historical and community topics often not reported in main stream media.

After seventeen years of service and dedication EnSoul Magazine still presses on, struggling both financially and mentally at times but staying true to its goal.

In 2009 EnSoul Magazine was graciously picked up by Our Story. INC. and now operates as a non-profit.

Our Story, Inc. congratulates Ceola Davis for a job well done and would like to thank Jacque Sundtrand, University Nevada Reno Library for inviting EnSoul Magazine to be a part of their Special Collection Department.

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