About Us

Kenneth B Dalton Founder And President Of Our Story, Inc.

Our Story, Inc. is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization which strives to seek out, collect, preserve and exhibit the contributions, heritage and culture of people whose history is not well represented in Northern Nevada. This non-profit organization provides opportunity and information for students, and scholars to study what is not normally offered in public or private school classrooms.

“Our Story, Inc.”, founded in 1996 by Kenneth B. Dalton, strives to seek out, preserve and exhibit the heritage, culture, contributions and accomplishments of people whose history is not well represented in Northern Nevada. “The stories of the unsung are not being shared and preserved like they should”, says Ken. “I have often heard important historical information in a casual conversation with a local resident and think to myself, ‘Why didn’t I know this?’ Northern Nevada needs to know this! That is why I started “Our Story, Inc.” I wanted to provide a way for everyone to share, discover and learn what is not normally offered in public or private school classrooms.”



“Our Story, Inc.” is not a public library or an operating archive. However, we delight in pursuing and sharing the untold and/or seldom taught contributions of people in Northern Nevada. In cooperation with the Nevada Historical Society, some collections are stored in their facility; others may be viewed by appointment with an “Our Story, Inc.” representative.
We encourage the public to learn more about the rich history of Northern Nevada and we urge the citizens of the Silver State to research and share the trials, tribulations, accomplishments and joys of their Nevadan ancestors’ achievements with “Our Story, Inc.”
“Our Story, Inc.” was incorporated to:

Arrange safekeeping of artifacts, media and manuscripts relating to the heritage, culture and contributions of Northern Nevada Minorities.

Provide educational opportunities that are seldom offered to students, scholars and the general public to learn more about Northern Nevada’s rich minority history.

Work with other institutions and individuals to identify, study, preserve, exhibit and communicate artifacts, media, manuscripts and other information regarding Northern Nevada minority history makers.

Accept verbal memories, information, photos, artifacts and memorabilia.
“Our Story, Inc.” accepts contributions of information and/or items related to the heritage, culture, contributions and achievements of Northern Nevada’s unsung including but not limited to:

Official court records involving civil rights cases.

Private notes, correspondence, journals.

Photos, scrapbooks, film, video, DVD, audio tape and oral.
Newspaper clippings, magazine articles and other printed media.

There are no regularly scheduled research hours for the public. Interested individuals and researchers may arrange access to artifacts, manuscripts, media, photos, etc, when available, by appointment only. Request must be made a minimum of seventy-two (72) hours prior to time of appointment.
The public must accept the fiscal and insurance risk for items loaned out to “Our Story, Inc.” on a temporary basis.