2012 Our Story, Inc. Annual Report

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Our Story, Inc. Annual Report

 “ Sharpening Our Focus” In 2012

Our Mission: To seek out, preserve and exhibit the heritage, culture, contributions and accomplishments of the unsung heroes in Northern Nevada.

www.ourstoryinc Ramon Barboza
Learn more about Ramon Barboza, one of our 2012 additions to our website, on www.ourstoryinc.com

We are excited to share what we have been up to for the past year. 2012 was a year of challenges but also of focus. Our Story, Inc.(OSI) not only collected and shared more information about the unsung heroes in Northern Nevada, but we did so in manner that was more suitable for use in the public educational system, more personable, more hands-on, more creative and more fun.  We have been sharpening our focus while continuing to encourage past and present citizens of the Silver State to research and share the images, documentations, film/videos, artifacts, trials, tribulations, accomplishments and joys of themselves and their Nevadan ancestors.

www.ourstoryinc.com Nev Assemblyman3 b
Present day history makers: Assemblyman William Horne, Kenneth Dalton, Lucille Aden, Assemblyman Jason Frierson, Lonnie Feemster

Table Of Content

Public Education Our Community Leaders Black History Month Our Community Youth Reno’s Ethnic Tour Oral History Networking With Groups With Common Interest The Emancipation Proclamation Our Social Media Stretching Our Finances Thanking Supporters Laser Focus

Sharpening Our Focus On Public Education

www.ourstoryinc.com Northern Nevada Social Studies Teacher Conference 2012 c b

George Hardaway sharing unsung Northern Nevada history with a social studies teacher.

www.ourstoryinc.com Northern Nevada Social Studies Teacher Conference 2012 b b
Kenneth Dalton

Our Story, Inc. is determined to promote the teaching of Northern Nevada African American history in our community schools by networking with educators such as local social study teachers at the Social Studies Conference and Expo put on by the Northern Nevada Council of Social Studies Teachers. We are also excited about our first posting of an OSI lesson plan, “The Emancipation Proclamation”, along with articles investigating Nevada‘s role in the Emancipation Proclamation. We will continue to focus on composing more lesson plans about our unsung heroes to be used as a tool to educate our community.

Sharpening Our Focus on Community Leaders

www.ourstoryinc.com Nev Assemblyman4
Assemblyman William Horne, Assemblyman Jason Frierson

www.ourstoryinc.com Nev Assemblyman5
Assemblywoman  Teresa Benitez-Thompson

Our Story, Inc. wanted to showcase the minority Nevada Assemblymen serving their communities. We arranged an opportunity for history seekers in Northern Nevada to meet these history makers up-close and personal.  If you missed it, you missed a treat!

Tuskegee Airmen with Nevada Air Guard Officers

Members of the George “Spanky” Robert Sacramento Chapter of the Tuskegee Airmen Inc. and members of the Nevada Air National Guard.

 www.ourstoryinc.com Tuskegee Appreciation January 20 2012 32
Kenneth Dalton, Our Story, Inc. Founder/President

www.ourstoryinc.com Tuskegee Appreciation January 20 2012 23 b
Reno community came to celebrate and show appreciation for the accomplishments of the Tuskegee Airmen and to watch the premier of “Red Tails” with original Tuskegee Airmen.

Our Story, Inc. is always excited about introducing living and breathing history which often times goes unnoticed or unseen. The sacrifices that the Tuskegee Airmen made were beneficial to all U.S. citizens, including Nevadans.  “Black History is often unseen, overlooked and regularly forgotten“, says Kenneth Dalton.  “Our Story, Inc. will always bring these heroes of our community to the spotlight”.

www.ourstoryinc.com Tuskegee Airmen
George Lucas receiving an honorary membership to the Tuskegee Airmen for his huge contribution to the making of the movie “Red Tails“ during the 2012 National Tuskegee Airmen Convention Heritage Luncheon in Las Vegas, NV

Our Story, Inc. was excited to be in the presence of history during the Heritage Luncheon at the 2012 national Tuskegee Airmen, Inc. Convention. It was priceless to be able to meet and talk with living breathing historic heroes.  It was a one of kind experience that we will always be ready to share.

Sharpening Our Focus During Black History Month

www.ourstoryinc.com Tuskegee Appreciation January 19 2012 2 b b

Kenneth Dalton sharing Northern Nevada unsung history.

Throughout the month of  February Our Story, Inc. participated in three separate Black History programs. We worked with the  U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the U.S. Department of Agriculture in Carson City, NV and the historic Bethel AME Church of Reno, NV to celebrate and educate the Northern Nevada community about our rich African American History.

Sharpening Our Focus By Working With HBCU

www.ourstoryinc.com Tuskegee Appreciation January 19 2012 b

Tuskegee Airmen sharing stories and giving advice to HBCU youth.

Our Story, Inc. had an opportunity to assist the Reno Historic Black Colleges and University’s Program financially and educationally. Because of  Our Story, Inc. the youth participating in the HBCU program were not only educated about the contributions of the unsung in Northern Nevada, but was also given an opportunity to meet with original Tuskegee Airmen and become Our Story, Inc. Ambassadors that shared the accomplishments of the unsung of Northern Nevada to historic black college educators and representatives during their HBCU tour.

Sharpening Our Focus By Participating In The Reno Ethnic Tour

www.ourstoryinc.com Reno Ethnic Tour b
Kenneth Dalton sharing historic information about the Lear Theater, designed by African American architect Paul R. Williams, located near downtown Reno, NV, to history seekers.

www.ourstoryinc.com Reno Ethnic Tour 2012
Inside of the Lear Theater

www.ourstoryinc.com  Reno Ethnic Tour 2012 c
Norma Washington, Sharon Honing-Bear and Kenneth Dalton sharing information about Bethel AME Church in the historic Bell Street location.

In collaboration with the Reno Historic Preservation Society and Bethel AME during the summer of 2012, Our Story, Inc. shared historic information at the location of some unsung historic sites, such as the Lear Theater located on 536 West First Street in Reno, which was designed by African American architect, Paul R. Williams in the 1950’s during a time of segregation and racial unrest and the historic Bethel AME church, the oldest African American church in Northern Nevada, located on Bell Street.

Sharpening Our Focus By Continuing To Share Oral History

www.ourstoryinc.com  Norma Washington Oral History
Norma Washington

Our Story, Inc. had the privilege of sitting down with Norma Washington, a long time resident of Northern Nevada. She shared her experiences and photos with us so that we can share their story with history seekers. Ms Washington’s story will be published up onto the site later on in 2013.  We also had an opportunity to drive around with Jeanetta Scott, who is featured in the Oral History section of our website, while she pointed out locations that were of historic significant to the Reno black community during the 40‘s, 50‘s and 60s. These sites can be viewed on her OSI page in her photo album  We also interviewed Ms. Pearson, another long time African American resident of Northern Nevada.

Sharpening Our Focus With A Year Tribute To The Emancipation Proclamation

Shayne Del Cohen, Our Story, Inc.

Shayne Del Cohen

Our Story, Inc. celebrated the 150th Anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation by focusing in on Nevada’s role during this pivotal time in our countries history with a series of articles, authored by Shayne Del Cohen, posted on our website throughout 2012. Shayne Del Cohen, along with George Hardaway were the authors of the OSI lesson plan, “The Emancipation Proclamation”, which is also a part of our celebration series. Sharpening Our Focus by expanding our network

www.ourstoryinc.com North West African American Museum b b

Inside the Northwest African American Museum in Seattle, Washington

www.ourstoryinc.com North West African American Museum b a
Kenneth Dalton enjoying the informative exhibits in the Northwest African American Museum

While on the road, Our Story, Inc. was delighted to meet with Quintard Taylor, founder of BlackPast.Org and also with Brian J. Carter, Deputy Director/Education Director of Northwest African American Museum in Washington State, about how Our Story, Inc. can better exhibit, share, gather, and promote the accomplishments of Nevada’s unsung to the world.   It was great to sit down and share with folks with similar passions to share history and to get helpful pointers . Our Story, Inc. highly values these connections and will continue to expand our networking horizons.

Sharpening Our Focus By Better Utilizing Our Social Medias

Our Story, Inc. has shared historic information through our website, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin  by integrating new unsung historic figures, information, events, and images that help tell the stories of Northern Nevadans.  We will continue to be a useful tool for history seekers throughout the world to access information and resources.

Sharpening Our Focus To Better Utilize Our Finances

In 2012 Our Story, Inc. received limited funding from private donors which all were used toward the storage of artifacts/display equipment, website/domain, and administrative supplies. This past year was a great challenge for OSI and we leaned heavily on the volunteering of a few to keep our focus,  stay true to our mission and stretch the dollar.

Thank You!

Kenneth B. Dalton
Kenneth B. Dalton, OSI President /Founder

Our Story, Inc. would like to extend a heart felt “Thank You” to all who contributed their time, finances, artifacts, stories, muscle, and encouragement in 2012  Your contributions, large or small were and will always be well utilized and greatly appreciated. Please consider giving to Our Story, Inc. in 2013. For more information about OSI activities in 2012 please contact us at osi.ourstoryinc@gmail.com.

Laser Focus In 2013

www.ourstoryinc.com Our Story, Inc. Map 2
Our Story, Inc.  Map Copyright 2010

Our Story, Inc is proud to be a vessel that shares the historic accomplishments of individuals seldom mentioned and rarely taught in public venues.  We will continue to seek out, preserve and share the heritage, culture, contributions and accomplishments of the unsung heroes in Northern Nevada by improving our internet presence, incorporating more lesson plans for educators to utilize, sharing more unsung historic events and places, producing more unsung history videos and unveiling more oral history treasures in 2013 with a “Laser Focus”.